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Film stills are still images taken from motion pictures that represent a specific moment or scene.

Here is some information about my film stills:

  • Selection: I carefully select my film stills in order to capture a certain mood, atmosphere or plot of the film. They can represent iconic scenes, emotional moments, visually stunning images or key moments of the film.
  • Film stills are a fascinating visual medium that captures the magic of cinema and preserves the memory of unforgettable film scenes.
  • Longevity: I use high quality oil paints that protect the painting and keep it from fading, staining or yellowing .
  • The frames I use are made with great care and precision. The corner joints are mitred to ensure a strong and durable structure.
  • The thickness or depth of the span frame is 4.5 cm.

Spirituel journey on a milky sea

SKU: 30122005
  • Spiritual journey on a milky sea

    120 x 180 cm

    oil on canvas

    Year: 2016

    ©Rik Beemsterboer

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