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Create a unique work of art for your home or office!

With a commissioned work of art of me as an experienced artist, you will receive a work of art that is not only beautiful to look at, but also has a deeper meaning. It will be one of a kind, uniquely designed for you or your business.

Art Mentoring - your transformation into an artist

You can't get any further with an existing image.? And you may have lost the courage to continue. Or because you don't dare or you're standing in line with the technology. After 30 years of experience as a painter and educator, I can give you security and offer support. 

I accompany you on your personal artist path in the
1:1 kind of mentoring, according to your individual needs, wishes and concerns. The mentoring hours take place online via ZOOM or live in my studio.

I want you to discover the artist in you, where your power lies and how you can reach it

My wish is that your paintings will be the way you have them in mind and at the same time be expressive. Trust yourself and find the courage to express yourself uniquely. 

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